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Area Attractions and Activities

Whether you're into water sports, fishing, hunting, hiking, sightseeing or just strolling down an empty beach, the River Rue RV Park puts you right in the middle of it all.

Magnificent Lake Roosevelt, a sportsman's (and might I add - sportswoman's) paradise, is just a minute north of us. Its 130 mile length with more than 500 miles of shoreline comprised of both primitive and improved areas to explore is sure to offer every outdoor enthusiast the experience they're looking for.

Exploring and playing - With the national Park Service managing 61 percent of Lake Roosevelts shoreline there is ample space for playing on a beach, sunbathing, swimming and exploring with as much company or solitude as one desires.

Boating and Watersports - Name your pleasure and Lake Roosevelt is the place to enjoy it. Boaters will find many miles of lake to explore with quiet coves offering beachside picnicking and overnight camping with ample opportunity for skiing or wakeboarding.

Fishing - Lake Roosevelt has more than 30 species of fish. Notable to anglers are the walleye, kokanee, trout, large and smallmouth bass and perch.

Hunting - Big game hunters have ample opportunity for black bear, whitetail deer, mule deer and elk. Upland bird hunters will find pheasant, quail, grouse, turkey and chukars while waterfowl hunters will find ducks and geese are plentiful.

Outdoor recreatational activities aren't limited to Lake Roosevelt by any means. Within easy trekking range is an abundance of other locations offering sightseeing, fishing, hunting, hiking and photography opportunities.

Sightseeing -

Grand Coulee Dam - hailed as the Eighth Wonder of the World when it was completed in 1941, has several picnic/day use areas, sightseeing and a visitors center you won't want to miss. Enjoy spectacular views of the dam from several vantage points and learn about the history of the dam and surrounding area at the visitors center.

A compbination sightseeing and hiking opportunity is Northrup Canyon. Making for an easy hike, the old wagon road that served the Northrup Homestead meanders along the bottom of the canyon. In the winter the canyon is a winter nesting place for Bald Eagles with February through April being the prime viewing time.

Not much further south from Northrup Canyon you can stand on the edge of the plugne pool of prehistoric Dry Falls

and marvel at the thought of 300 feet or more of water rushing over the falls and carving out the tortured canyon downstream. Dry Falls Lake, formed from the plunge pool of Dry Falls, offers exceptional fly fishing.

Speaking of fishing, the area hosts a tremendous number of places for fly and gear anglers alike to pursue their quarry.

Lake Roosevelt was mentioned above, but the area hosts Rufus Woods Lake, another Columbia River impoundment, known for its large triploid trout.

27 mile long Banks Lake, known for its bass among several fish species is host to several bass trounaments each year and provides the angler lots of bank access as well as several boat launches.

Dry Falls, Park Lake, Blue Lake and Lenore Lake all lying in the old Columbia River channel below Dry Falls provide seasonal opportunity for anglers to target several species of fish.

The Channeled Scablands also has several lakes that can provide some good fishing. The commonly known ones include Twin Lakes and Coffee Pot Lake. There are other lakes here but you'll have to pay your dues to find them as we'll probably get tarred and feathered for even hinting at their existance.

If moving water is your game then you have parts of the Crab Creek drainage to explore along with some other desert spring creeks. These, just like some of the lakes in the scablands you'll have to discover on your own but that's part of the fun and challenge. North of us you have several tributaries to Lake Roosevelt that offer prime fishing and it's not much of a drive to hit the Methow or Wenatchee rivers. Of course just across Lake Roosevelt from us you will find the San Poil River.

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